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Mc mourning and his crew


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Gah! I hate posts like these. So much to tantalize and excite, but the photos make it hard to enjoy. The yellow light color and small size of the photos makes it hard to see, but based on what I can see: AWESOME! Love the use of the Empire Flaggelant bits, Colette and Cassandra as Belles, and the unique (for McMourning) basing scheme. Very sharp looking crew you have there - congrats! If I could make one suggestion, it would be that I've always liked the look of blood on the snow ... :evil:

Any chances of some more shots/different angles on your Rogue Necromancy?

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Thank you.

Sorry for the lightning, i have no god camera and no god cameraskills ;-) .

Blood in the snow would be awesome but i dont know how i would do that in a god way. Blood have a tendency to look crap. I like stipled blood (like on sebastians saw) but that methot would be hard to aplie on snow.

I will take a few more photos on the rouge necromancy tomorow.

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