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levi minus abominations?


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is there another way to run him without them? I really hate the models but I like his hollow waif tricks.

Well I am confused as to how you could ever hate the models ;D

But there are PLENTY of ways to run him without SPA's at the start, though you are likely to make several as you play with him. Look at any construct and undead and think if that would be nice to use with Levy.

Some highlights:

  1. Ryle
  2. Bette Noir
  3. Guardian
  4. Samurai Punk Zombies
  5. Steam Punk Arachnids
  6. etc

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I personally love the SPA's but I've been having some issues. The Malifaux group I've recently started playing with are, unfortunately, very Win @ All Costs Players. I'm learning a completely new game, a hard master to learn right off the bat, and running SPA's trying to pop them into a Desi at the right time is just another degree of complication when I already have a lot of things going against me.

I'm looking to make a more straightforward, smaller model count list that will alow me to hit hard, keep pressure off Levi and not involve too many complicated strategies so I can focus on Levi himself and what my opponents are doing to try and counter them more easily.

I have Bette, and am considering some power models like Ryle, Jack Daw, and maybe a Teddy (love that freaking model haha). Does anyone have any suggestions on what would be best for what I have in mind?

Oh, crews I will commonly be playing against are the Perdita's, Sona, Pandora, and chompy bits (ugh) if that helps any.

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Well the crew I have is;


Alyce 8

3x Necropunks 9

2x Canine Remains 4

Bete Noir 9


My theory is that SPA's are insignificant, which is a pain when you're trying to fufil objectives. I'm also not a fan of going out of your way to build a deso engine - it's probably quite effective, but it doesn't seem overly difficult for your opponent to disrupt it by killing off one of the SPAs.

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Here's another model that should work well with Leveticus. The Guild will be getting a new model in book 2 called Watcher which is a flying non-Insignificant construct for only 3ss. It looks great for grabbing objectives early on, keeping your enemy from deploying models (such as the December Acolyte) outside their deployment zone during the Deployment Phase, and can remove annoyances such as Harmless, Pitiful, and Terrifying from enemy models. It can also be used to look at the cards on the top of your deck. Too bad the Watcher model is not out yet, but for now you can use some Mechanical Dove proxies as proxies. :)

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My favourite non SPA/DE stuff are:

Steamborg - Very maneuverable, hit hard and a lot (a lot!), fairly tough, can create cover and you get a nice mix of corpse and scrap counters when they die.

Teddy - an absolute monster and will take a lot of effort for your opponent to destroy.

Rotten Belles - great utility models, not only can you use lure to move an enemy where you'd like but you can also use it on Alyce to make it easier for her to rapid fire or Levi to throw down more PAIN.

Necropunks - Fast objective grabbers and cheap enough to be expendable when you need another waif. Also fantastic candidates for setting loose......

Killjoy - 'nuff said :D

Doggies - Waif fodder.

Punk Zombies - hit really hard and are great when protected with the steam cloud from the 'borg.

Bette Noir - She's a massive pain for your opponent and since you'll be likely to be killing Levi every turn there'll be no shortage of opportunities for her to appear. The Downside is Levi can't hang on to his control cards so it might be difficult to get "One with the night" off. Fun when she works though.

And I'm looking forward to using:

Ryle - great, great ranged support which is something Levi crews tend to lack (the way I play anyway)

Watchers - Great objective grabbers and can get rid of that pesky cover for Alyce and/or Ryle to blow the crap out of the enemy.

Guardian - not sure if this would be worth it, but they can take some of the wnds levi suffers to allow him to summon 3 or 4 SPA's and hopfeully make a DE in one turn! Very situational but I really wish I'd had one in my last game. Also a great bodyguard in general.

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