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Freikorps - WIP


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I've started on my Freikorps box set. Right now I have Von Schill mostly finished (pic below) but I'm at varying stages on the other models. I'll try and post them all once they are done.

I didn't use a flash on these pics so the pictures came out a little dark. It loses some of the definition unfortunately.

I wanted to go for more of a Prussian or German theme with Von Schill, so I changed up the colors and added a monocle.



I still have to clean up his base, matte coat the model as a whole and then gloss coat the back of the zombies head on the ground (so the blood looks fresher).

Finally finished the Librarian. I love the sculpt, but I'm not super happy with my painting job. I'm still not very good with non-metallic metals when it comes to blades.



Next up will either be the trapper or the specialist. They are both at about the same state.

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I really like the way you have gone with these, especially the flesh tones on Von S and the bases are really lovely.

Only slight criticism is maybe a bit more definition on the red with some more shading? and maybe highlight the black one stage further as it's currently quite hard to make out the detail on the black.

However they are still a good tabletop standard and should look good as a crew on the table.

good work! :top:

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Well, I have two more finished (been a little slow due to the holidays). Unfortunately my camera skills just aren't up to snuff to capture the miniatures appropriately. The light I'm using washes out all the detail (shading, highlighting, etc). On top of that, my current sealer seems to obscure some of the highlighting and leave a slight sheen on the models. I've heard that Testor's dull coat spray works well, so I'll probably switch to that (I'm, currently using a paint on sealer by Vallejo and/or Reaper depending upon the mood).





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Ok, I finally finished my last two minis in the crew. Having to do two corpsmen almost made me feel like I was painting 40k minis again. :)

Unfortunately, the mini pics still suck. I guess I need to take a macro photography class.





Looks like the camera flash washed out a lot of the details. I just went on Amazon and ordered a new lightbox and some tabletop lamps.

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I saw these when you first put them up and really liked the colour scheme. I was going to steal it for my friekorps but I seemed to have subconsciousness painted my Death Marshals black and red so will have to think of something different for the Korps.

These look great , think the red could use some more shading but that could be due to the camera.

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Yeah. it is really a camera issue. Once I get my light box next week I'll update with some better pics.

Another issues is when I apply the sealer/varnish it tends to take away some of the detail in the shading. I really need to go get some different sealer. Right now I'm using a brush on sealer from Vallejo. And even the mat varnish has a bit of a sheen to it.

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