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Bog Muck

Doctor Amos

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Bog Muck Soulstone Cost:


Wk/Ch Ht Wp Ca Df Wd

4/4 1 5 4 3 13

Mud Slap

Rg /// 1

Cb 5 [mask]

Dg 1/2/3

Fling Mud

Rg c= 6

Cb 4

Dg 1/2/3



Hard to Wound 2

Regeneration 2

Magic Resistant 1

Maleable Body: When this model is deployed, it has one wound.

Maleable Mind: Models targeting this model with spells may add +2 [mask] to the casting total.

Mudman: This model does not leave scrap counters when removed from play

Sluice: This model ignores severe terrain and any penalties to Wk. It may also move through closed doors without penalty.

No Discernable Anatomy: This model cannot be affected by spells with a [crow] casting cost.

Weapon, Fling Mud: This model suffers 2 damage when using this attack


Muddy Mess (Mud Slap, Fling Mud) [mask]: A model hit with this attack cannot use ranged attacks and may not take (2) actions until the end of its next activation.


(1) Bubblin' Muck (CC: 14 [mask]/Rst --/Rg C) Sacrifice this model. Summon one Bad Juju, Mire Golem to its base before the model is removed. You may only cast this spell if this model has 13 wounds.

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