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Desolation Engine


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Hi all.

I'm not really going to play Leveticus any time soon, but I do love a good conversion project, so I got to looking at the Desolation Engine.

Initially I had wanted to use the Abberation Prime from Rackham:


Unfortunately, it is a special kind of delectable masochism to get ones hands on that model, so, I went to rummaging through box upon box of miniatures that I never got finished... and found this guy (Damien 1427) from the Inquisitor line:


I saw some comparison shots of Leveticus next to the stock Desolation Engine, and I actually think that the 54mm Damien model could be fine proportion-wise.

I think some extra armour and stitching would be appropriate, seeing as he's going to become more of a cobbled together construct.

What do you think? Would the 54mm proportions be too big for a large based Malifaux construct, or do you say "go for it or die trying!"?

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That rackham model is among the ones that are still relatively easy to find (e.g. on ludikbazar). I think Damien is a pretty good choice too, though.

Well I'll be a bumblebee's breadbin! Thank you. Uh, decisions decisions!

I think I'll try modding Damien first, and if that tanks out, I'll get the Abberation :P

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Well I'll be a bumblebee's breadbin!

Mathieu beat me to pointing you to Ludik Bazar, home of Rackham's leftovers. They do still have the Aberration Prime, as it was one of the last models to come out for Confrontation. It would indeed make a great Desolation Engine, but I think your choice is actually better! Damien-1427 is a great idea! I am using a 54mm model for Nekima, and the size is just right...it should work well for your purpose, too. I look forward to seeing him!

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