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Levi vs dreamer revenge at last.


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Managed to beat dreamer for once with levi. Using version 3 rules none the less. Apparently levi needed cuddled so I could kill dreamer. O well next time I am sure I will get my arse handed to me again. This one was crazy close.

Well... what happened in it! Now that we have a teaser, I at least want to know the blow by blow =D

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Sure I can do that. League game so was more competitive then most of our games.

Lets see

Him Dreamer, 2 insidious madness, 3 daydreams, Squid face, Stitched together.


Levi, Canine remains. 8 spa (Note this is very much not my standard list I was playing some thing he was not used to as we play a LOT)

My goal was escape and survive, His was supply wagon. Escape and survive was a part of why I took 8spa. By spending all points on models that are insignificant I forced him to have to kill levi to prevent me from getting my escape and survive. All or nothing for the most part I was getting 8 or nothing this game.

I announced kill protegee and body guard. He announced hold out and one hidden.

1st turn

He won first action and gave dreamer flight and ran him out to just shy of mid field. He then dropped the 2 maddness and 3 daydreams on the field. The madness were right beside him and 3 daydream. One was a little forward and placed behind a building. One was placed a full 6 inches in advance as bait. 3rd one was placed close to the one behind the building but able to be viewed.

First turn I killed my dog and Levi made a waif from the corpse. This let me put a waif 6 inches out and still had one back in deployment. I then burned out activations so every thing he had one table had acted. I used one set of spa to make a desolation engine and kill the bait dream. Knowing any thing he put out would get eaten by the other desolation engine. I charged with the second desolation engine and pulled up beside the out in open daydream killing him and making a spa and then killing the one behind the wall I could now just barely see. Both landed me a SAP. He then brought out squid face and stitched. They wounded but was not able to kill the engine. Squid face did land 2 eye ball counters however.

2nd turn was very ugly on both sides. I got the first action and killed off squid face. Dreamer then activated became the big lord chomp and ate the desolation engine. I placed out my 2 spa so 4 available there.. Knowing that the 4 spa was going to be another engine this turn he made a daydream with chomp and used it to put chomp away before he got desolated. My action saw the reform of the engine and I was able to kill off one of the insanity and wound the stitched. He then again killed off the desolation engine. I was able to bring up second desolation and kill the stitched but giving him the second activation. Second desolation engine died again giving me 4 spa.

3rd. Again he smoked the desolation engine with chomp. Again he put away chomp with the remaining daydream. He also took out a spa. He lost one of the madness to levi and another to the spa left behind. Levi made a 4th spa with this and voltron came back. Voltron killed the day dream. With one action left I decided to pull the engine back so if chomp killed him levi could go after chomp. Other guy had burned thought his ss by this point.

4th. With nothing but dreamer and chomp available. Chomp ate the desolation engine and then levi killed off chomp. We called it at this point being as I managed to slap the wagon wounding it and he could not get his 4 points.


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