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First Post - LCB


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Hi All,

This is my first post of pictures. I hope to add more soon. LCB Paint job by my local genius store owner. I unfortunately don't have the steady hand for this (shake like a cocktail maker).

Let me know what you think...



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Welcome to this side of The Breach, and especially into the "Tummy of the Neverborn" (an in-house joke that xxXhayzelXxx can explain when she flits by).

I like the model. It's bold, brave and completely unexpected, so it's Neverborn to its very core. I'll be interested to see where you take your vision for the rest of your crew.

(And it goes without saying that I'm totally & utterly envious, as my desire for that model has long exceeded the limitations of my language skills.

And everybody else seems to have one!!!)


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Thanks for the positive comments... I am currently everything Neverborn and with the exception of the latest releases and the Lelu & Lilitu models (which my local store owner is struggling to get, Australia doesn't seem to get much stock in :-S) I have them all. Lots are painted and this will be updated in time, only other force currently is Collette... planning to use wooden floorboard bases and 40K Chaos Rhino searchlights on the edge to give it a stage feel.

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I also now how u feel with the shaky hand thing its a pain in the ass for painting :P, just a tip try watering down ur paints a bit more, and it works wonders yellows a hard colour to get right. Its very good, water dwn ur paints more an im sure ul see a big improvement

also gws washes are awsome water them dwn an it helps smooth the colours a bit :D

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Thanks for the input everyone...it's a difficult model to really photograph, looks amazing in person. the walking pose may be altered to more of a stomp on someone's head look when I decide who gets to die :tongue2: as for the skull bases, I am using them for all of my nightmares as that's what everyone winds up as...a pile of bones!

Just to clarify as well... I didn't paint this, my local game store owner did, and I think he did an amazing job!

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