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LCB and friends


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I thought as my first post I would share some pictures of my Nightmares. My friend took these pictures. I have a bunch of guild stuff as well but the pictures I can take of them with my camera are decidedly under whelming. I will try to get them to the store and get pictures taken soon. C/C welcome.

First off are my Teddies. I know the Carebear thing has been done to death but I like 'em, damnit. I saw Shadeau Gorgon's Scare Bear thread literally the day after I finished these but oh well.


Up next is the kid:


And finally, the big guy:



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Thank you! I just got a pack of Alps, a pack of Stitched Togethers, and a pack of Daydreams. I have Coppelius on order. I just realized that Lelu and Lelitu are nightmares so I may pick them up as well. Right now I am working on a showgirl crew for my wife so the nightmares will have to wait. I want to get some pictures taken of my other minis, I have around 85ss of Guild painted.

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