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Showgirl APC


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This is very similar to the Death Marshal APC technique.

[suggested Models]

* Colette (Required)

9 Cassandra (Required)

5 Johan (Cargo, may be any slower moving model needing transport)

7 Coryphee (Optional)

7 Coryphee (Optional)

Let's say your opponent has Sonia Criid, a Witchling Stalker sitting on an objective, or some other killable model that you just want to kill. I'll just refer to this model as the Target.

Let's say you also want to kill the Target using a model such as Johan. I'll call this model the Cargo.

Before the first Start Activation Phase you may have Cassandra push 6" via Confident. Try to keep her in cover, and try to avoid her getting locked into enemy Melee before she gets to the Target.

At some point you want Cassandra to activate and move into melee with the Target. If Cassandra will get attacked early on you can activate her as early as possible and use Southern Charm and maybe Sultry if you can afford to spend an extra AP. Don't forget, she has the Use Soulstone ability and can do Damage Prevention flips if she does get hit. Anyways, just get Cassandra as close to the Target as you can.

Hopefully by now your opponent has already activated the Target model by now. If not then Colette may get swatted at.

(OPTIONAL) If you have two Coryphees you can use Lost in Dance, and Soul Dancer before you use Dance Together and move them over to the Target. The +2 Wp boost and Use Soulstone ability will carry over to the Coryphee Duet.

If you have Mechanical Doves you can fly them over to the Target. If the Target was within 10" of your Doves then you can use the second AP to cast Magician's Duel via Magical Extension.

Now it's time to activate Colette and cast Disappearing Act on the Cargo. Remember, this will cost you 1 Soulstone (unless you use the Artificial Soulstone, but I prefer to use that to give Colette Reactivate) and can't be cast on your other Master in a Brawl. Once Disappearing Act is successfully cast use Illusionist to swap places with Cassandra.

At the end of Colette's last activation you may have her cast Trick of the Hat to summon a Mechanical Dove. It has Slow for one turn from being summoned, but that is more than enough to have it cast Magician's Duel on the Target.


Disappearing Act ends.

Place the Cargo fully within 6" of Colette. REMINDER: The Cargo is PLACED, not summoned so there is no reason for him to be slow. Somewhere within 1" of the Target would be good.

[TURN 2]

Flip for initiative. You might want to use a Soulstone to re-flip if you didn't win initiative.

Activate the Cargo and kill the Target. You can also have Cassandra join your melee group of Colette, Coryphee Duet, and the Cargo by using her Dance Partner action.

And thus with a little extra planning and a cost of 1 Soulstone for each model you want to transport, you can move the slowest members of your crew to where they need to be.

This can be used for different things such as moving a bunch of markers on your opponent's Claim Jump marker.

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OK, so I'm searching and darned if I can find this. Not to totally derail the thread, but can you give me a link or thread name for the Death Marshal APC technique?

Not a problem. I couldn't find any such threads on this either, otherwise I would have linked to it in the first post.

I heard about this technique at my LGS. It may be posted somewhere in this forum under a different name, but I have no idea where.

Basically on the first turn you have a Death Marshal cast (2) Pine Box on your Executioner. Then on following turns you move your Death Marshal towards whatever model you want to kill with the Executioner. By the time the Death Marshal is killed you should have the Executioner close enough to the target model to be able to kill it before the Executioner is killed.

From what I have been told the Executioner is often killed with ranged attacks before it can kill anything. It has low Mv and Df stats so I can see how this could be frustrating.

Pine Box works differently from Colette's Disappearing Act so the Executioner can stay burred for several turns, safe from attacks.

Pine box specifies "Bury target model" so you can do this to any of your own models, including your Masters. Also, it says the buried model may make the Wp > Wp duel to unbury itself, so you are not required to try and unbury the Executioner early.

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heh Actually I used a similar tactic this weekend to move Rotten Belles from the objective in a Shared Claim Jump. Opponent had two belles sat on the objective, so I dissappearing acted them in a chain, constantly dumping them 6" from her and a long way from each other so they could not companion up.

This prevented them getting into the crucial 3" from the marker by the last turn, and by making sure they were more than 6" apart they could not companion up.

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