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Greetings from ~Snowy Surrey, UK


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Hi all,

Made a trip over to Warfar, Reading the other week. Had a demo game. Lost. But bought some kit and a rulebook. Then wen online and bought more starter sets and the expansion book.

Now looking for someone to help learn, play, have fun.

Get in touch!

BTW: I'm a "senior" player. (Age, that is, not experience!!!)

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I'm the source! :)

Just a little something to add fun for people, there are also ones for all the malifaux symbols, as well as select other minis. Just go into smilies and scroll all the way down, the Malifaux specific ones are all at the bottom.

But welcome to the boards! Glad to have you here :D

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Plenty snow here in Edinburgh. Bit like you Wigwam, painting my first malifaux crews (nearly finished the Sonnia box, and about to start Pandora) and reading the rule book. Oh, and idly wishing I had the dreamers powers so I could exact a suitably bloodthirsty revenge on the *********** fox that killed one of the chickens this morning!

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@Closseau: Blimey you've got a good memory! How many people did you speak/demo to at Warfare?! Anyway, thanks for the game and enthusiasm. I got the bug. Now I'm the owner of Leveticus, Victoria(s), Seamus and Lady Justice crews. Plus both books. (I blame you for the fact that I'm now out begging. "Will skirmish for money!" :) ) Cheers!

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