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one mini a week, since april and still running

Candle Jack

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Thanks for all the comments.

Now for the Rest of the bunch so far.

The Mistress of the puppets:


some Wicked


and bigger Dolls


and as the Stitcheds came with a Dreamer Box:


so far i have repositioned LCB a little bit with a Saw and Greenstuff, he will probably painted this week.

And for no Crew in particular:


For Seamus, the first of the Samurai, western style. I think I've seen this idea in this forum and really liked it.


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Very impressive work you've done here.

I really love the skin colour you've chosen for your Nephilim.. Gives them a really nice feel I think.

The alternative colours on Pandora also work nicely I think, I'm not a big fan of blue sorrows though (even if some people claim this is the true colour they 'should' be).

The Insidious Madness is also nice and it reminded me of something I couldn't put a finger on the first time I saw the thread.. But it just struck me that it's the alien from the manga Parasyte that I see in it (not that I expect anyone to have read this)..

Anyway.. Keep up the good work! :)

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Right that was your thread, the second one is also coming along only waiting for a new set of baes to arive. if only i knew how to make a cowboy out of the kimono samurai.

Oh and i'll borrow the idea for the wageon marker too ;)

The skin on the gunslinger is, the scars aside, only painted with three colors. Reaper "Fair Skin", GW "Ogryn Flesh" ans GW "Skull White" to mix into the flesh. Not to forget the water to thin the paint to a translucent state so you can layer up the highlights.

It has somewhat of 6-8 layers of Paint.

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