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Ex illis Game Board review


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I have no intrest in the game it self but any one happen to have any feedback on the plastic game board for this game. I know the starter set comes with a laminated version but they sell a separate plastic tile game board for like 100 bucks that looked kind of cool from pics but none of the local stores stock this game so cant get a look at it.

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The plastic boards are pretty cool, they are a lot like the GW Battle Board pieces. They are about a foot square and you can put just about any terrain you want on them.

They do have some odd slopes here and there, and they come unpainted.

If you have the disposable income they are a better buy than the GW ones, but if you want something similar, you can get a whole board of pink stuff and cut it into 1 foot squares and pretty much make your own in a weekend...

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Just to avoid confusion. They are 9in Sq. They come in packs to make like 3ft by just shy of 4ft

Yeah they are a little smaller than the GW, I honestly just noticed it. We got the painted versions that were made available to store owners at GenCon (:::Waves at Gianfranco if he's seeing this:::)

If you make your own why not go a little bigger? That way your 9 1 foot sections can be configured to give you a massive amount of variation, and you can keep it in the standard 3 X 3 or 9 sq ft standard... change it up to fit whatcha want/need.

It's really your preference. I prefer to play on terrain made by folks, so that they know I appreciate their time and effort. And I prefer to play on things that I've made, but the ExIllis boards are not bad for the price...

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I'm torn... on the one hand the Ex Illis board looks nice, stacks conveniently and they have nice textures. On the other hand for $100 and for that a bit of foam and MDF and you could have your own.

Then I just look at Zuzzy mats and think I can get a 3x3 rubberized mat that can be painted and rolls up into a nice neat tube and for the $100 I can get two.

Anyone here use Zuzzy mats? http://www.zuzzy.com/

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sorry for bumping this super old thread but i thought I could add to it because there's no pictures of the board in here and I've got mine and I'm about half finished painting and grassing it up. at 3 tiles by 3 tiles its only 27 inches across so i've still gotta finish the other 7 to get up to 3'x3' but it was really easy and looks great!

sorry for the crappy iphone pic.


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I have a Zuzzy mat cut in half and glued onto two pieces of mdf board to make it a really solid board. The painting process is as easy as just priming it black and then dusting it with other color spray paints and possibly doing the details with normal model paints.

In preparation for hosting a tournament, I'll be getting another 5 zuzzy mats. They really are that great.


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I'm not sure if you can still get them from the website, I found a company on amazon that still had one so that's where i got mine, but it was only a few weeks ago. Also note, the tiles connect together with little connectors that come with the board so it works really great in play and wont shift around. also the boards have little feet that go where the connectors are when storing so it all stacks up in the box really nice and you dont have to worry about ur static grass or paint getting rubbed off.

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I know you're dilemma...

It took me like 2 months to finally make the decision to buy 2 of the exillis boards. I got them for a very good price at total wargames.

It was the best buy i could make, i love those boards.....

I wanted to buy the gw but i didnt like the hills on it.

I already had some boards from ziterdes but thos warent really stable...

What i really like about the board is the sizes, 4x4 for malifaux, 5x5 for warmachine

The way they clip together is great....

Here some pics of my board






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that's a cool looking board.

the only thing I don't like about modular boards is that they inevitably show the lines where the modules meet - and it can help judge distances in the game...

Thats something i thought about, but I play with good friends only who are not competition players. Just a fun night with miniatures and a few beers :-)

But I played a game with a pal the first time on this board and asked him to try to do the judge the distance thingy but is not that easy :-)

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I looked at these boards before the company went bust, thought the premise was very nice for the game as well (figured it would have done better considering there seems to be a rising vocal community across the gaming industry that likes this sort of thing). Start up costs probably got the better of them.

Modular boards are very convient for transportation, storage and actual play, wish more companies would make them. Though the lines might give a very slight advantage (I dont think they really do) the same could be said about any terrain (especially after it has been played on a few times).

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