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Another hello from Germany. Finally

Candle Jack

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So time to stop lurking, this Game is just to great.

I started painting Malifaux in April. Just in time, as Lars de Gray and Koali startet rising a gaming group in my area.

I mostly play Neverborn, because it was Kade and Teddy that hooked me, but since everybody seems to hate Neverborn, i also patiently panting a Seamus crew. No thats not true, my addiction is just too overwhelming to only have one faction ;)

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Welcome! Always great to have more German players, as it is my hope one day to get Wyrd to one of those big German Cons which I'd just love to have a good excuse to go to! And the more German players there are, the better my excuse! :D

Very glad you said hello on the boards though, I hope you enjoy your time here nearly as much as you seem to be enjoying the game!

Welcome :)

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