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New to Malifaux, can't decide on a faction


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A group of friends have started playing Malifaux and I plan on joining, but I can not make up my mind on where to start.

I am leaning towards Resurrectionist, starting with the Red Chapel Gang and a pack of the Necropunks.

I having also been considering The Neverborn, but then tonight I started reading about The Guild.

Aaaarugh! Too many choices.

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Hi lord, i went the other way, my wife told me that zoraida suits my playstyle in other games and i did not like her looks, so i decide to go playstyle (control and manipulation) and today i just love her, she is my favorite master by far, read the tactica threads to find about masters and decide, also the looks advice is good too.

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After posting I ordered The Red Chapel Gang and the Necropunks pack. Going to start there.

While I enjoyed the Neverborns too I just kept comparing them to the Resurrectionists. The Guild I liked because I'm a huge fan of the Wild West and they have the gun slinger thing going for them. But again, The Resurrectionist won the day.

Can't wait to get started painting them.

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