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first what a great day, jo's hard work paid of the tourney was a smash. I came 22nd out of 46. and in the first game got no points at all so i was very happy. A big thanks to Thomas who was a great opponent. Boy he banged me bad with Zoraida. the winning crew was Gremlins well done to Craig. here are a few pics.












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Whoa.. I'm amazed by the quality of the paintjobs here.. They're all nothing less than awesome..

Which Gremlin master was used by the winning player, and do you know what masters ended up 2nd and 3rd?

Cool stuff! Is that the Pandora crew photographed in the rulebooks or did someone do an amazing job copying the colours/bases?

Judging on the amount of tiles on Candys base it's not the same.. So yeah.. Pretty amazing job on copying the ones from the book..

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It helped that paint scores formed a good proportion of the scores for the event.

Something like 14% of the total points available if memory serves. I spent a bit more time adding the lighting effects on my Ramos crew to try and bag full marks.

It was a pleasure to see some of the fantastic paint work around the event. I played the eventual Best Painted winner's Pandora Crew round one and I could barely keep from drooling.

Even the stuff where people weren’t that skilled (myself included) they’d clearly tried hard, which was just great to see.

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