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35 Rasputina vs 35 Perdita


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I played Rasputina with:

2 SS Essence of Power

9 SS Ice Golem

6 SS December Acolyte

2 x 5 SS Hoar Cat

6 SS Convict Gunslinger

6 Soul Stone Cache.

Koyote played Perdita with:

2 SS Enslaved Niphilim

7 SS Nino Ortega

5 SS Francisco Ortega

6 SS Convict Gunslinger

5 SS Austringer

2 x 4 SS Witchlings

4 Soul Stone Cache.

We played corner deployment on a 30" x 30" board.

My strategy was Treasure Hunt (tough one for Rasputina as most her crew is slower), his Strategy was Reconnoteur (tough one for the guild as they can't heal or res particularly well.

For schemes I chose Hold Out (figuring he would with corners and his needing table quarters it would be tough for him to get into my zone) and Eye for an Eye (which I think is a great one against Perdita with a damage dealer like Rasputina. I announced both.

He chose Hold out, and 2 SS from not choosing a second. He announced Hold Out.

First turn saw a bunch of movement. I pretty much advanced towards the treasure chest, but made a big mistake, by not putting my Acolyte in base contact with treasure chest using his shadow ability, and then running away as quick as he could. I used an armor 2 spell, and the obscure cover one (another mistake as I should have put up Ice Pillars to slow/stop him from getting to my chest..

He got into position to try and grab my chest with Perdita, because a 6" move, and 3 Activations is tough to deal with.

The second turn saw me lose initiative, burn a ss for a reflip and still not win (I did not win initiative until the very end of the game-where it helped).

In turn 2: He grabbed the chest, companioned Nino and his Nephilim, ran Perdita back a little, and then proceeded to double obey Nino and shoot up Rasputina (who had no Armor up) judicious ss use, and some bad flips on his part helped limit the damage to Raspy. I activated Raspy, and the Essence and then blasted at a witchling right next to perdita (my thoughts were a much lower defense and I would catch Perdi and Nino with the blasts, and hopefully with the explosion from the Witchling. My first cast failed on a black joker into cover, and my second cast saw me flip a 10 (which I couldn't cheat up) and him bounce the spell back using a joker. My third cast only did weak damage (sad casting round by Raspy and solid card manipulation by my opponent. The remainder of the turn saw me move my cats, and golem into position to try to get into combat with Perdita in a couple turns-but at this point I pretty much knew the game I needed to play (which was to stay within 1 for eye to eye and control two table quarters- if I could do that the game would end 5 to 4 for me). He activated Nino and shot up my Gunslinger, taking 6 of his wounds. I then activated my golem, to give everything around me a +1 Dmg-thinking my slinger would be ok one activation. He activated his Austringer and shot the bird at my Gunslinger (a mistake I think because of Fastr N You). Two shots by the Aussie and a cheated 13 and 11 trigger for my Faster saw an Austringer die. I activated my gunslinger and gunned down one of his witchlings, causeing wounds on Perdi and Nino.

He won initiative in the next round double obeyed Nino (Perdita and Enslaved) and shot down Rasputina (sadness on my part). I thought I could still maintain my strategy, he was low on models, and I could hide my guys pretty well. He had snuck Francisco and the Gunslinger into table quarter and I had to walk my golem over to the quarter and try to chase the slinger out.

Turns 4 and 5 saw us positioning for the end game-my cats ran down nino, and perdi and francisco shot up my kitties (but Nino was dead, and with him my opponents ability to reach over half the board-which I was truly worried about), there was also a time where I had my Acolyte obeyed by his nephilim and almost take out my Gunslinger-which would have dropped me low in models.

By turn 6 I had a Golem with 3 wounds on it, an unharmed Acolyte, and a Gunslinger with 6 wounds on him (hanging by a thread). In the North East corner I had my Ice Golem positioned to charge his gunslinger, and he had his gunslinger. In the North West Corner he had a Witchling with 4 wounds inflicted, Francisco and Perdita. In the South West I had a Gun Slinger and my Acolyte. Overall I figured I could hold the South West, and was positioned to challenge the South East should he make an obeyed Frisco run for it. We were at 4 to 3 and I was qualifying for Eye for an Eye.

I finally won initiative, which I needed. Charged his Gunslinger with my golem and inflicted 7 damage because of his +1 vs no armor ability. I triggered slow on his Gunslinger. The best part was he had 1 wound left, and only 1 AP with the model. He tried to get away with his gunslinger, so Perdita could shoot my golem (couldn't do it with the gunslinger there, because I would explode and kill his gun slinger) but failed. He then obeyed and tried to get away again, which saw me flipping for my golem (which he obeyed) and him flipping for his gunslinger. He cheated his gun slinger down to a 7 using a 3 to let my golem leave, then it was my turn to cheat-so I cheated with the Black Joker (which I always keep in my hand if I draw it), and my golem stayed locked. It was pretty cool to use the black joker to win the game.

In the end, he got 2 VP for Hold Out and the 2 pt Recon as he controlled two quarters. I got 2 for Holdout, and 3 for Eye for an Eye. It was great to pull out a win against a good player like Koyote without my master after the 4th turn.

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Thank you for the flowing & absorbing account of what seems like a brilliant game, and you are right in saying that winning through the judicious application of a Black Joker is just the bees' knees!

A couple of small points need to be made though. Firstly, paragraphs are your friend. I find it really challenging to read an unbroken stream of small script, & usually don't bother.

And you may wish to edit the last couple of lines, because although you state that you won narrowly, your quoted figures say it was a 6 - 5 loss.

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I know it's a late reply, but I'm catching up on battle reports :)

I pretty much advanced towards the treasure chest, but made a big mistake, by not putting my Acolyte in base contact with treasure chest using his shadow ability, and then running away as quick as he could.

You can't deploy the Acolyte within 12" of an objective, pretty much to stop exactly what you're saying you wish you had done :)

Charged his Gunslinger with my golem and inflicted 7 damage because of his +1 vs no armor ability.

A model doesn't gain from its own Bite of Winter - it's an aura, so the model generating it isn't affected by it. I'm assuming this is what you were doing, since I don't see any Gamin (which also give Bite of Winter).

Sounds like a good game, though. Perdita has been the bane of my existence with Rasputina.

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