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Nice work, but I think that you need to put more effort in the "shade part" of the minis. The peacekeeper, for example. Only with a quick shade with a brown ink (the devlan mud from GW is so good) the mini look better...

You have a good base, now you only need to improve your skills... :)

Here you have a good tutorial about this:


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Thanks for the feedback. Not really looking to develop Golden Demon level paint jobs here... just don't want to field unpainted minis. I'd rather spend more time playing than painting. :)

Believe it or not that Peacekeeper actually *is* shaded, with Devlan Mud no less. The flash is so harsh it washes it out quite a bit, to the point of not being able to see it. Look around his claws and the hydraulics at the neck point and you can see where it's pretty heavy handed.

Love the red Peacekeeper! He really looks dangerous like that! I went and did two of them in desert camo colors - they look cool if you can see them.

Thanks dgraz. I was going for a "Peacekeeper in hot pursuit" look, all hunkered down and moving fast after a target.

I had a look at your Peacekeepers in camo... quite a difference in the paint! Yours look like some uber Urban Pacification bots. :)

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