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So I just recently started malifaux,but my closest gaming club is around an hour away. As such i've managed to convince my girlfriend to try playing against me. So I need to get her a crew,and the only one's she really likes the look off are collet and the showgirls. So was just wondering what the up and down sides of the showgirls are and where to start with them really. Any advice would be much welcomed. Cheers Karl

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That's a pretty good thread on starting with the Showgirls. After reading that, and the few other threads about the crew at the top of the page, you should be able to get it pretty well figured out.

The only advice I'll give you here is to buy the boxset, Coryphee, and get some wedding decoration doves for proxies. That's pretty much all you'll need.

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Well for starters, if she wants to play Collete then by all means let her! Far better to have her using a crew she likes the look of than a crew she thinks is fugly.

From my experience in playing vs her, Collette is not an easy master to get the hang of. The performers/mannequins are more like support minions with not alot of offensive power. The Corphees and Cassandra have pretty obvious ways of killing things but they both still have alot of rules and will take some getting used to.

Collete, unsurprisingly, is the toughest to get your head around. The key to using her seems to be in using Illusionist to get Collete into position and keep your showgirls safe, while using her offensive abilities (mostly magicians duel, disappearing act and discharge soulstone) to take out your opponents crew. Using her soulstones and knowing when to blow her load on key activations is pretty important in all this, of course.

As for you, I suggest you play vs her using a crew that is just as tough to use. Collete's a steep learning curve, and throwing someone nasty into her face for the first few games might get discouraging. ;) Just take it slow (eg, start with a 6-10SS scrap), make sure she figures out how Collete works and once she eventually does, you'll have a capable opponent on your hands. :D

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