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Not a wyrd model but a rat none the less


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Wheres Hamlin when you need him ney? I was a flames of war man, i dabbled in warmachine, and it was okay. I had my heart broken by soo meny other players when Rackhams dogs of war went away. But then I found Malifaux and my love for fantasy was renewed only one problum, I dont have enought to paint.

So I though well I like Fantasy and I like to paint alot, so I got into Warhammer, Skaven to keep some of the steampunk feel, and now im swamped in a sea of rats, so vast that only Hamlin and his Nix truely know how I feel. But thre is no plague god or what have you to bring me back to life so I am plugging away. I thought I would post my models that i have finished or are WiP so far here.









Sorry about the poor quility in my photos i only have my phone.

So let me know what you think,

Andrew Haught

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Love your weathering and the overall feel of the force.

What recipe did you use on the metallics?

Yeah thanks Stippling is a new type of painting I learned when painting this army.

For the copper I base painted it gunmetal blue, then I Stippled green on top, then I Stippled brass, then I dry brushed it all with copper.

For the other metal, i started with a brownish red, then Stippled dark red, then Stippled orange and then Stippled gunmetal, and finished with a dry brush of silver.

I always do this before painting anything else because Stippling is messy.

For those who don’t know (since I didn’t know till painting this army) Stippling is to Apply paint with a dabbing strokes, I normal use a stiff dry brush that I clipped to be short and use that to dab color, remember this is not to cover the area just to give it a spotty natural look for the rusting metal.

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