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More Guard poses?


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I would say the chances of them doing it in the next year or so is slim, they just finished book one, they are in the middle of book 2 and they are talking about a 3rd book already, so going back and adding more sculpts will be vary low on there to do list. I am thinking that they may update the models down the line when they are in book 6 or more but you get what there is, witch is to say the two poses, but I think that 2 is enough for now, I dont think players will use more then 3 or 4 in a list and if they are in matching pairs I think that will be okay, there are lot of models that are limited in the differnt 2-3 poses that you need alot of, like mindless zombies.

But I think they are being smart about what they are making.

So to make my long answer short, no I dont think we will see any new poses, not for at lest a year or two.


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