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Hello from Hong Kong


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It does now seem like you have the perfect opportunity to do both now, vegel.

Welcome hosir - it's far too easy to allow our own prejudices to come to the fore, thus I offer you no gratuitously unrequested advice about which faction to use.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some completely random inspirations ...


:collodi:marionette :hoodedrider



:masks:masks:masks:masks:masks :masks:masks:masks:masks:masks :masks:masks:masks:masks:masks :masks:masks:masks:masks:masks

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Hi and welcome! Great to have a player from Hong Kong, I always enjoy seeing Malifaux spreading far and wide! :)

How's the gaming in your area? Do you play with friends or is there a group or store near you that you play with?

Hi EricJ....i did not see any shop in Hong Kong selling this game.....i just order my minatures from online shop:bird:

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Hello all friends!!!

I am newbie and just choose Arcanist and Neverborn for my start in this game.:heeeellll

Hi and welcome, if your new to the Neverborn I will recommend Lilith. She very power and not too difficult to use on the arcanist haven't tired them out much but Rasputina is always fun(I refuse to call her cool)

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