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Malifaux Toys for Tots Event in Palm Bay, FL


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What: A Malifaux 35 soul stone event sponsoring the Toys for Tots program.

When: Friday, November 19th, 2010 starting at 7pm

Where: Dogs of War Gaming, 1501 Robert J Conlan Blvd Suite 1 (321) 951-9700

Entry Fee: Free! Just bring at least one toy meeting the standards of the Toys for Tots program to donate to their noble cause.

......So how does this work?

Well much like some of our other charity events at the shop you get to cheat while playing in this event. That is you bring in a toy or toys to the specifications of the Toys for Tots program and we hand you fate tokens equal to the dollar value rounded up of the original MSRP (or the price from a kept sales reciept) of the toys donated. During your games you get to cheat by spending the fate tokens. You can cheat as much as you like but each cheat beyond the first in each game round doubles in price. For example your first cheat costs one fate token but if you wish to cheat again in the same game round it will cost you two tokens and then 4 tokens for the 3rd cheat and so on. The count resets at the end of the end phase but fate tokens spent are gone for good. You may donate more during the event if you wish to gain more tokens.

Cheats! Like What Can I Do With Those Fate Tokens?

Reflip: After you flip a card for any reason you may reflip provided that it is not the Black Joker. You may reflip as often as you can pay fate tokens for it. You may reflip cards flipped for strategies before the game starts as well at the same cost. Negative or positive flips do not matter in this case and you may all ways pay fate tokens to reflip.

Ignore Black Joker: If you flip the Black Joker you may ignore it and reflip in exchange for a fixed 5 fate token cost. This cost does not increase like the other cheats.

Buy a card: Once during each round you may draw a fate card into your hand in exchange a fate token at the standard rate.

Bonus Soul Stone: Once during each game you may spend fate tokens at the standard rate to add a soul stone to your soul stone cache. This may be done at any time.

Speed: Once per model activation you may spend fate tokens at the standard rate to give the model (+1) Fast to their Actions. May not be given to models which all ready have "Fast".

Wealth in Giving: Before the start of each game you may add a totem to a master (at their normal limit) at no soul stone cost in exchange for 1 fate token.

Heal: Once during each closing phase you may make a healing flip for any one nonmaster nonhenchman model in exchange for fate tokens at the standard rate. Models cannot heal beyond their starting wounds stat in this way.

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Thanks for starting this, its a great idea and I hope your event gets a good turnout!

As for Speed, I had assumed it was for 1 turn, since its "Once per model activation", but I'll talk with the organizer to make sure that it is crystal clear that it ends at the start of the closing phase.

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