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25ss: Lady J vs. Lilith


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A friend of mine and I played a 25ss game of Malifaux tonight. I decided to use my Lady Justice lead Guild crew consisting of The Judge, Taelor and two Death Marshals. He brought Lilith, a Mature Nephilim, a Young Nephilim, and three Terror Tots.

We ended up with a standard 6″ deployment. I had the Reconnoiter strategy, and the Neverborn had Slaughter. We each took one scheme, with the Neverborn taking Kidnap and I took Hold Ground.


The first couple turns were just positioning. One Tot grew into a Young Nephilim, and the Judge was able to damage another young one. That’s when the fun began. The Mature Nephilim swooped down on the Judge. My Death Marshals were able to take down a few of the Young Nephilim, but died to Lilith’s whirlwind. Lady Justice did a number on the Mature Nephilim, and then proceeded to duke it out with Lilith.


By turn 4, all that was left was a couple Young Nephilim (another Tot had grown), a Tot, Lady J and Taelor. The Nephilim came close to taking out Lady J, but couldn’t quite finish her off. She and Taelor went to town on the demons and took them down.

At the end I only had the two left, so I was unable to secure any table quarters, but I had kept the Neverborn out of my deployment zone for 2 points. The Neverborn had kidnapped their target (one of the Marshals), but weren ’t able to slaughter enough of my crew, so only got 2 points as well to force a draw.

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