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Army Painter - Fast Overview

Shadeau Gorgon

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As a gamer, I tend to view the passage of time in Cons.

So, 2 GenCon's ago Army Painter had a moderately sized booth, and I fell in love with product.

For those of you not in the know, they are the fastest way in the world to toss out a very solid table top ready ARMY. They are not ideal in all respects for the level of paint jobs that we see posted regularly in the showcase forum. They are geared to the mass armies of Warhammer and the ilk.

Basically you prime using their amazing primers, toss on a few base coats, use their polyethylene/polyuethane based "dip", and the spray the models with anti shine and they are ready for war.

The products end up very durable and at table top range they are pretty nice.

Here's a snippet of their current new primer "Crystal Blue"


I've used their brushes, drill sets, and just about anything else that happened to wind up at our LGS.

The 2 best products they have hands down are their primers and the cutters.


It lasts forever! I primed 444 Zombies from the Vampire Counts line of Warhammer Fantasy the Halloween before last on just 2 cans of primer. It goes on smooth and is the FASTEST drying primer I have ever used. I've painted on it in as little as 7 mins with no bleeding or transfer of color.



These things are amazing! Normally one of two things happens to the snips I buy. 1) The Spring that keeps them open stops work or breaks, or 2) The tips bend when I get a little too aggressive with a cut on a modification.

I've had my snips for a little over a year and neither has happened. High quality stuff...

Check them out here --> http://usshop.thearmypainter.com/products.php?ProductGroupId=5


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