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Greetings from Leeds.

Mr. Danvers

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Hello all.

I've been aware of Malifaux for a while now, as I'm a 40k player and always keep an eye open for new things to try out and this time it's Malifaux. I think I'm going to try out the Arcanists first.

Now I just need to find a stockist in Leeds.....I know there's players, but I can't seem to find any stockists.

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Yeah, its been lacking a store to game in for years really. Travelling Man is great for getting hold of stuff, but it's really just a shop, as it's not got a huge amount of space. I used to take part in WoW TCG events there back when I used to play, but having more than about 12 people started to make things a little crowded. Leeds Night Owls club seems to be the best bet for games/tournaments. Currently I'm at uni in Bangor and there's no players down here, but there's a fair few that play in my usual club in Harrogate, which is not far from Leeds so I'm quite lucky.

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Welcome to Malifaux! I can't help you much more about local shops, but I do know that there is a lot of malifaux over in the UK, so it shouldn't be tooooo terribly hard to find. If all else fails, our shop also has a relatively low flat rate shipping on international orders, so that may help.

But also glad to have you on the forums, I hope you enjoy your time here as well! :)

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Theres actually a stockist in Leeds now, http://www.geek-games.com/ up at Yeadon, Malifaux is actually the main thing he sells and because of its success he's looking at larger premises that can hold a proper gaming area.

He also delivers to Leeds Night Owls on the Thursday and Sundays.

+1 for geek games. I cant wait to see him get in to a good sized place with plenty of tables. Fingrs X it will be ready for the easter torny im hopping to run ( rabbit based hopping pun was intended)

If you ever want a game stick up a post on

http://www.leeds-nightowls.co.uk/forums/index.php and we will see what we can do

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