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Lilith's Brood


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Hi all,

Here's my second crew Lilith's Brood.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting the crew and using more new (to me) techniques. Overall I prefer this paint job to my first attempt although I still like the Executioner I did before.

I will say that the camera has washed the blue skin and green coat out somewhat so please bear that in mind when leaving any comments or feedback.


The whole crew from the front.


The whole crew from the back.


Lilith has just told the Young (teenager) Nephilim it's bath night!


The kids playing together...


Lilith with all three ages of Nephilim


The Cherub


A shot of the Mature's wings and the back of Lilith's coat.

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Cool coulors...

What i do not like is the pose of your Mature...

Do not like, how you put him on the Base... with his one Feet off the base...


The angle of the photo does not show that the Mature's foot is actually off the ground - he is starting to step to his right toward the person he is trying to grab with his right hand.

It also means that only his wings are outside the circumference of the base making it easier to pack him for transportation.

Appreciate the feedback.

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I love the skin tones (even not allowing for their warping by the camera gods). I really believe that Neverborn should only maintain the most tenuous of connections for reality, and your vision fulfills that little personal foible.

I also prefer your Mature's sense of momentum created by the raised hoof, so it's all down to subjectivity for me.

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One thing Hazzard, looking at the Cherub it looks like there are still some pretty good sized mold lines on his arms. It may just be a lighting/shadow thing, but if your models are smooth it helps the paints and washes be a little more even. I have a hard time with getting all the small ones some times and I never see them until after I've started base coating and especially after I start washes... they are SNEAKY!

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