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Candy fanart+fiction


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He ran as fast as he could, the beating of his running feet hardly competing with the beating of his terrifyed heart. Hope subtly moved in his eyes as he was approaching the door, the door that could be nothing else but the exit from this, this urban hell, for lack of a better name. Hope can grant a person the strength to make that last stand, that last leap.. it focuses one's attention to the goal. But that inevitably is also its strongest flaw.

As he tripped only footsteps away from the door he didnt even notice breaking his leg, he didnt scream out all the curses one would ever hear in malifaux to get some insignificant relief from the penetrating pain as he hit the floor, apart from his slow but angsty breathing he was completely silent. Listening, carefullly listening.

It was quiet, almost too queit. he looked around, he could make out every detail in the room, there was a light source, somewhere... but, this specific light source resembled total darkness in so many ways, the man was not really concerned with the light source, or lack thereof.

It was just moments ago it was he dishing out the scares, he liked it that way, in any other situation he could remember his deeds vividly, enjoy them all over again, but not now.

He tried to stand up but was held back by a sting in his leg, as he looked down it was not his broken leg causing the terror to spread all over his face. It was what made him trip, a small piece of liquorice, a small shiny red ball... and in its semi transparent material he could swear eyes watching him, the eyes of all his victims.. realization, guild, self loathing... all things he had lacked troughout his life backfired at him.

And there it was, in the distance, the buzzing, the wings, tiny claws and teeth symphonically moving, forming letters and words, whispering his name, not like a voice, not like a voice at all. Yet sounding exactly like her.

He pulled himself up with all strength left in his body.. dragging himself to the door, he pushed and pulled but the further he moved, the longer the distance to the door became... he tried to scream for help but his mouth couldnt open, the swarm closed in on him and the tiny terrors didnt hesitate in their attack, stinging, biting and scratching. the man still struggled to free himself, and remembered taking the little fire stick the first girl, his victim, tried to defend herself with.

He grabbed it out of his pocket, and slit it past the ground engulfing the entire place in a bright light from its flare. As soon as the light hit the walls, the wisps were gone.

The man looked around him, wildly swinging the fire stick (itself a fine piece of pyromancer craftmanship) there was no trace of anything or anyone else besides him self, no buzzing, no bugs... his eyes fell upon a mirror in this hallway room, he looked upon his face, no sting marks, not the swollen blisters filling his hands and body when he was fighting the swarm, all damage he had was deep scratching from his own nails, he had torn of more skin than he left.

A desperate laughter escaped him, glad to have survived, yet still mentally torn in two by the pain and the madness.

He struggled to the door and opened it.

His pupils widened and he mumbled

"oh no, no, have mercy"

as he felt to his knees


Taffy was way too late, her mother allowed her to go to the pyromancers fair all by herself, but she had to be home before the streets grew empty as the unwritten curfew in malifaux was closing in and the shadows grow large and dangerous, while this area rarely had any conflicts between malifaux rivaling factions, nor had much presence from the demons and beasts hailing from the outlands, there were much more dangerous things for a girl like her.

While she rushed home she didnt notice being followed by a man, she didnt notice him closing in but she did notice him grabbing her, closing his hand on her mouth while whispering "tonight you are mine" the man dragged her to an abandoned building. All that she feared would happen however never came to be, as when the man stood over her, preparing his evil plan, from the corner another young lady came out of the shadows dragging behind her, what seemed to be a gigantic lollipop... Taffy noticed that a trace of blood smeared behind it, even tough the object itself remained clean and shiny.

At first the man didnt notice the other girl but when he did a smile came upon him.

"well, well this must be your lucky day girl, or rather, my lucky day."

the Girl gazed straight into his eyes, her lips moved but Taffy couldnt recognise or hear words.

It was clear that the man did as he looked as if he had seen a thousand horrors.

Without hesitation the man ran out of the door. Taffy wanted to sit up and thank the girl but the girl paid no attention to her or her words, she stared at the door as it swung open.

There the man was again, torn, broken, exhausted... taffy wondered what could have happened in these mere seconds he was away.

The man mumbled something and fell to his knees, calmly but clearly amused the girl asked

"trick....or treat ?"

At that moment the lollipop started twitching and shaping into an axe, the girl raised it and let it fall beheading the man.

But he was not death, as if happening in a nightmare his blood twisted and boiled, and started to form something remotely resembling an arm, and then another, they grabbed the head and pulled it inside the body as the lips of the man tried to scream, then the arms pulled his skin inside, his flesh, his organs, the body of the man was devouring itself, untill what remained was a tiny small red ball.

"and you" said the girl clearly speaking to taffy

"victim" she said mockingly

As the girl turned around to Taffy, Taffy looked at her not sure wether she should be afraid or thankfull, the girl smiled.. a wicked smile.

As Taffy realised what she was it was too late, she tried to scream but her mouth couldnt open, her body parts started sticking together between her torn clothes as her skin turned into a liquid jelly like form.

"Now you're mine"


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Obviously inspired by the book 2 thing ;)

its all a bit unfinished and rough, but non commission pieces often remain so, and then a month later I add some more and some more etc. rarely considering them finished (hence I dont do prints, as have been asked at times.)

initially didnt really plan on the fiction, but had no clue were to post this, so decided to do a small write up, and include in it some ideas I had with her.

Taffy is next to her by the way.. as a profile type I call Jelly Beans. the Man is turned into a self devouring thing (wich in small form is a range weapon for candy.) I call Jawbreakers. (last edition pink horrors.. always wanted to find some use for those and I dont play WH/WH40k)

She (candy) has a knack (in my imagination.) of twisting humans to woes, not like undead, more like addicts, addicts to Candy ;)

the buzzing are obviously buglike nightmares drawn to sweet tastes (turning blood into syrup is no problem for Candy tough ;))

all in all just some fan-things :)

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Someone likes TF just a bit too much I think :P

Nonetheless, the pic is rather good, always nice to see more OC.

what is TF ? :) and... what is OC for that matters ?

O_O and I tought I knew about most internet abbriviations by now.

thanks everyone, and on the story, apologies if not everything is proper english or wrong use of words. I like writing, but its the very reason I dont do nor post it alot, while here in the netherlands english comes quite natural and the not-native language excuse wouldnt be very true, its a whole different thing when talking about creative writing ;)

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Hm... The way I had pictured Candy, she was just a little younger than how you depict her. Granted that she is still quite young in your picture, there is something about it that feels more mature than I see it in my mind. (Perhaps I imagine a more deceptively innocent visage?)

Maybe I'll have to draw something up sometime and post it.

I offer compliments to you; Candy is my favorite of Wyrd's characters and seeing another fan on the forums is something that I can appreciate.

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kirig, you do realize that this is candy after her transformation right?

I am; yes. I just picture her differently in my mind, but that difference is so subtle that I do not know that I can really consciously identify what that nuance is.

I think that it may be the face, though. It is malicious and seemingly more understanting of the world than I expect Candy to be.

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