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Viks and the long range pitch battle


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Well this is a random list and I wanted to get ppl thoughts on it.

The Victorias

Student of Conflict 3ss

Hans 8ss

Freikorps Trapper 6ss

Freikorps Trapper 6ss

Ronin 5ss

Ronin 5ss

35SS, with a 2ss cache.

So the SoC stays back with the shooters giving the fast, you stick Hans inbetween the trappers and the SoC behind him, the two trappers will try to deal with any melee that comes since they have CB 6 with there knifes, not bad at all. Hans will try to stay out of trouble that way with the SoC giving him fast so he can deal big damge to targes.

The Ronin and Viks run as bait/melee guys that help draw enamy into lines of fire, since the shooters have sniper or hunter cover wont matter to them.

So an intresting list that might even give the Ortagas a run for the money, might, most likely not.

Thoughts or ideas on how to make it better?

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Drop a model or two and start with more soulstones. Any Viktoria list that doesn't start with 7 or 8 soulstones is not playing to its potential.

Viktoria + Soulstones = dead stuff everywhere

Viktoria - Soulstones = dead Viktoria

Trust me, those 5 soulstones will outperform any 5 point model you could field.

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I'd drop Hans and put in a convict gunslinger instead. Should add 3 SS to your cache.

I think the point of the list was he wanted a long range list. So, instead, drop one trapper and get the 6ss. Keep Hans and SoC fast. That's most of your long range damage.

Can't have a long range Vik list without Hans!

Also, consider Von Schill. He is a beast.

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