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My Kaeris proxy


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a while ago I had a thread asking people what they thought a good model to proxy for kaeris might be. I posted a few pictures and finally decided on my girl:





She's a reaper mini, a "time traveler" apparently. Wings are from microarts studios, and the base and flame are from the Wyrd Flame base inserts.

Let me know what you think!


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She looks good! Really good.

I have the same exact figure and wings but could not for the life of me figure out how to attach the wings without them looking huge. So I nixed them and grabbed some hero clix Hawkgirl wings.

Maybe I should have been more patient because painted the wings don't look that big after all!

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Thanks and thanks and thanks!

I thought the wings looked too big too. But after a while I did a bit of research and if wings were to actually carry a woman (say around 100-110ish lbs) of Kaeris' size around, they'd have to be about that big...so I don't feel too bad about it!

I'm VERY excited about the model, since Kaeris fits perfectly into my shooty Rasputina list. Although my opponent's haven't been too happy about it :D


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Great conversion work! Funny, I picked up that same model to use as a Gunsmith just a couple weeks ago. I saw the Dark Maiden model and I am going to use her as Kaeris, she has a "Victorian" look and the bow is laid out very close to wing configuration. Gives her an Airship Pirate look, very Steampunk IMO.


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