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Kaeris in a Brawl


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From the rules it looks like when you take a Henchman as the leader of your forces it basically gets upgraded to a Master. (The rules say the lead the force but does not actually say they become Masters).

Kaeris has the Special Forces Leader (M&SU Asset) ability which allows you to only hire M&SU Members and M&SU Assets so it look like she can only be paired with Ramos, Colette, and C. Hoffman masters.

Has anyone attempted to do this? If so how well did it work out?

It looks like Ramos couldn't start with his Steampunk Arachnids, Colette couldn't take any of the Showgirls, and how does Special Forces Leader (M&SU Asset) interact with C. Hoffman's Arcanist Ties?

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