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W: Gremlinette & LE LCB; H: GW, Confrontation, Magic, etc.


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Looking for the LE Gremlinette and the new LE Lord Chompy Bits (from GenCon). Note: Having it painted will not add to the value for me, but I'm not against trading for a painted, primed or assembled model. :)

Older Stuff (pre-1995): I have lots of GW (40k orcs, Necron and some misc IG) and Confrontation (lots of Wolfen, Orc/Goblin and Despot guys <don't recall their names>); all bare metal, but not all in the boxes. If you are looking for any issues of the Journal, White Dwarf or the Confrontation Mag, I have all of those too.

Newer stuff: NIB Magic and D&D Tiles, books and module/map sets.

I'm willing to over trade for these two items, but please don't ask me to trade you cash unless it's close to what you paid for it...I don't have extra money, but have LOTS of extra stuff. LOL :)

Shoot me a note at pen-dragon@howdy.net and let me know what you are looking for or to request a more detailed list of items (if you have and are willing to trade the figures).



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Okay, here is a list of all the Rakham I have. It's all bare metal (for storage reasons, I took many out of the box/blister and stored the cards in sleeves). If it is mint in the pack (MIP) or still sealed in the box, I've noted that below. I apologize for any misspellings (typed it kind of fast). ALL CARDS ARE ENGLISH.

Please shoot me a note via e-mail if interested in trading.

Best regards,


The Venerable Ambirosius

Temple Purifier

Templar of Hod Seneschal

Templar of Hod

Darkness Hunter (two diff ones)

Garell the Redeemer

Griffin Minelayer

Sered, Templar COmmanger

Griffin Inquisitor

Reaper of Alahan

Knight Templar of HOd

Saphon The Preacher

Griffin Fusiliers

Dirz Musician

The Execurtioner

Griffin Execurtioner

Syd d Kairder

Aldenyss the Quiet

Virae, Fianna Priestess


Predateurs Sanglants Les Crocs de La Deeseee-Lune box set

Wolfen Warrior

Ultimate Predator

Nekhar the Ecstatic box set

The Watcher

Bysra, the Black Shaman

Predateurs Sanglantis box set

Sasia Samaris, the rose - blister, not the box set

Ysis, the Viper of the Dessert

Pest of Flesh

Soldats des Plains Box Set

Yh-Sabahal box set

Etat-Major Des Plaines (sealed)

Dai-Bakemonos (sealed)

Etat-Major de Mid-Nor (sealed)

Guerriers des Gouffres box set

Clan Goblin box set

Clan Nain box set

Ejhin de Vanth (GenCon Version) MIP

Kelzaral the Diabolical MIP

Mahal the Enchanger

Yh-Ibenseth, Dominant

Calaliers Thallions Justiciers, Juges et Bourrreaux box set (sealed)

Cynwall Akhamial MIP

Edited by Kreation
edited list - removed traded items
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I just finished up a trade with Kreation. We did some Malifaux minis for some of the Confrontation minis he listed.

I was very pleased with the exchange. He had great timing on communication, and the shipping was nice and quick. I would recommend him to anyone based on the experience I had.


Great trade! Hope to deal with again. :)

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Got Chompy and Gremlinette! Thanks to all for the great trades...and now about a zillion gangs...long nights of painting here I come!

That list is still available (edited to remove items traded).

Things I'm looking for:

- New Gremlins: Taxedermist, Slop Handler and Stuffed Pigs

- iTouch (new in box)

- Any of the new Warmachine Cyrx plastic 'jack kits

- might be interested in western town or other scenery

- cash wouldn't be turned down either


Edited by Kreation
edited wants and haves
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