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Strange beginnings.... Wyrd origins....


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Well hello all, long time viewer first time caller (or poster as it were). I decided it was time to take the leap and get an account. I am a fresh wargamer from the deep south, though it should be pointed out here that I prefer the north in almost every way heh. I've been wargaming for around 5 months now, and am relatively awful thus far, but I have fun with the hobby elements and I love games so I'm enjoying myself none the less. I love to listen/play music in my free time, as well as reading/writing and playing any games electronic or otherwise I can get my grubby little hands on. I have yet to actually get a game of Malifaux in as there is no gaming group closer than around 3 hours from what I've determined in my searches. I have however played quite a few Warmahordes games as it was my freshman wargame. Great game but the dice are my bane so I'm really looking forward to delving further into malifaux. Hopefully someone will get a vassal module online for malifaux and save me from my isolation. In any case I'll be posting my attempts at both terrain creation and miniature painting, and hopefully some battle reports down the road. I would also like to take a crack at some fiction but that may be a ways off. In any case hello all and I'll see you around.

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Good to have you with us! That stinks you got no other players around you, but ask around your LGS or try to convert your usual Gunmachine/Rangemahordes players over to the bacon like awesomeness that is Malifaux =D. Otherwise... I know of no vassal module for the game yet, though that would be a cool thing to put out. Even better if Wyrd put it out =).

But again, welcome and enjoy your stay with us!

PS: Paragraphs are your and our friends. =)

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Indeed, and if there was an LGS for me to recruit from I would indeed do just that. Unfortunately in this area Table-gaming is more or less unheard of. I have to drive to Houston and the like to even visit a store.

I apologize for the paragraph shortage in the OP but I was dog tired and part of my brain had already shut down.

Thanks for the welcome EricJ, its good to hear that its in the works, Vassal saves people like me from complete exclusion heh.

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