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All hail Discordia


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Hay there,

Figured I'd finally register and stop lurking. To be honest, I'll most likely keep lurking, but now I can reply if the urge gets too unbearable!

I've just started collecting the Redchapel gang and I'm slowly, slowly painting them. I've yet to have my first game, since the models are all pinned up on Coke caps, so...I'm stuck reading the rulebook and dreaming of games to come.

So yeah, uhm. I live in Sweden and have played miniature games for the last...11 or so years. Mosly GW endorsed ones, but right now it's mostly, if anything Infinity, which is a lovely sci-fi skirmish game, for those that don't know.

Not sure if this is a very intruiging intro-post, but hay...It's an intro-post at least!

Hail Eris!

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Welcome Soundwave! I'm sure you will enjoy your time with us =D.

I'm also a fan of Inifity, but only been playing for a few months and it's kinda gone down at the moment as Malifuax Book 2 road in and pretty much shattered interest in it for now.

But again, welcome!

Ps. Im a Retribution fan to =D

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