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Soda pop Mage from dungeon explore


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I got mine ordered off the site a week ago. Unfortunately, they said they ran out of bases, so shipping is going to be about a week later than expected...the anticipation is KILLING me!

The promos that are currently available online are the extras from the past few Cons they've been demo'ing the game at. Just a little head's up - those miniatures are 20% larger than what the standard release minis will be. The current ones are strictly promo/collector pieces.

AntiZombie or ShadeauGorgon (or anyone else who got a demo at the Cons), are there any details about the gameplay that you remember? I've read pretty much everything that is easily found on the internet about the game so far. However...most people don't say any details about the game....they just say things like "It was really fun!"

Any general detail about how the turns work, or combat? I know there are red and blue dice, and I know they can give you hearts or potions when you damage an enemy, but I don't know much more than that.

By the way, the Mage looks great! I love how well "loud" color schemes work on these miniatures. Hot pink or purple hair looks like it fits just as much as brown or blonde.

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Game play is ALOT like final fantasy tactics. It uses a dice system like monsterpocalypse to do wounds, no resource management with them though. Each peice has walk X sqares and has X actions it can take. Basically you have two heros who go in and have to destroy two pylons. Once the are destroyed a boss spawns and the heros must kill him. Meanwhile while pylons are out more baddies spawn to swarm the dungeon. Also the more wounds or treasure that happen get you loot. Heros equip it but the baddies all get the power up if it's their loot. Each hero and bad guy has a star card.

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Game play is ALOT like final fantasy tactics.

That is a very welcome thing to hear. FF Tactics is one of my favorite games, and I know it will go over well with my brother too.

Also the more wounds or treasure that happen get you loot. Heros equip it but the baddies all get the power up if it's their loot.

Do you happen to remember any samples of loot? I've seen the reviews that mention the "Staff of Thwacking" (+3 blue dice) but that is the only loot I've heard of. I guess loot is all sorts of equipment (weapons and armor) and maybe more random items?

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One player plays the respawning baddies and one player plays the durable heros

Or you can have multiple people playing the heroes. It's very much like D&D RPG meets FF Tactics...

The coolest part for me is the respawn of the baddies... You can play in an impossibly small play area (2ft X 2ft) and still have a very enjoyable experience.

Worst part - dice rolls for damage... I am the favorite target of angry dice gods everywhere...

We already have 7 players lined up for this at our local gaming store (all of us that went to Gencon this year... LOL).


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Im biulding a modular dungeon out of hirst art blocks too for when the demo rules come out. so excited.

I'm doing the same thing! I have quite a few hall sections done, but not a lot of unique rooms yet. I'm hoping to have enough pieces done by the holidays to demo the game to the family (provided the demo rules come out soon enough).

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I won't have mine for probably another week, but I'm anxious to paint them once I get them.

I have every intention of painting the heroes in the same color scheme as the original Final Fantasy 1 heroes.

My first two are the paladin and mage, who will be painted up like the red "Fighter" and White Mage.

Once I get the rogue, I will paint her like the thief, with bright blue hair, yellow skin, and tan/brown clothes.

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There are a couple of threads over at www.dragonpainting.net that have quite a bit of collected info.

This one has LOTS of pics collected from all over the net, along with lots of info from various blogs and resources (probably the largest collection of currently available info and pics on the game):


Here is one with a little bit more info around the time the 20% larger promos went on the Soda Pop store:


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