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Malifools Painting Challenge - Ashburn VA

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Ordo NOVA will be running a monthly Malifools Painting contest, with round 2 starting on Tuesday October 12.

Quick and Dirty Details:

  • Entry for Ordo NOVA members: Free
  • Entry for Non-Members: $5 (includes 1 month membership)
  • Paint 1 Malifaux crew in 1 Month (25ss - 35ss)
  • Start: Tuesday October 12
  • Complete: Tuesday November 9
  • Progress: http://ordonova.coda.net
  • Judging:
    • Huzzah Hobbies
    • 44927 George Washington Blvd, Ste.135
    • Ashburn, VA 20147
    • (703) 466-0460

What is the Challenge?

Competitors in the Challenge must build and paint a crew Between 25ss and 35ss over the course of a month. During that month each competitor needs to create a post in this forum for the current month and post at least 3 progress posts that at least explaining where you are (though pics are nice too).

At the end of the month Players will meet at Huzzah Hobbies and everyone will vote for their favorite crew that was painted (not their own). The winner will receive a free blister and the challenge will start again going for another month with new crews.

How do I enter?

Ordo NOVA members: create a thread in the Malifools Challenge section of the Forum.

Non-Ordo NOVA members: $5 entry to the contest. This fee includes 1 month club membership. Send $5 via paypal to Inquisitor (at) ordonova.coda.net and then send a PM to Nix on the Forums.

MALIFOOLS CHALLENGE: Month 2 - October 12 - November 9. Models can be assembled but cannot be primed or painted.

Players are required to post a pic of their crew showing that all the models are incomplete at the start of the contest. Judging on November 9 will be at 7pm.

Thanks go to Wargamerau for the original idea, and HuronBH for encouragement and support!

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