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Blonde Hair


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If you are going for a dirty blonde and a realistic, not cartoon, look:

Base with Beastial Brown

add Fiery Orange

Build up however much you prefer.

Add white; dheneb stone; or graveyard earth depending on how dark you want it to look.

This process builds up from a base colour, while many techniques for painting hair actually require you to use successively dark washes/glazes to paint intot the recesses, on 30mm minis you do not need to paint every individual strand of hair... that is silly on minis that will be viewed from 40-50cm away on a tabletop.

However, using glazes of the darker mixes after you have build up the layers will ensure the depth remains.

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I use Iyanden darksun (GW foundation) for the base (especially when over a black undercoat) I then use Ochre Brown and Yellow Ochre (Vallejo) for highlights with final highlights of bleached bone and menoth white base to tie it all together I use the GW gryphonne sepia wash. This is all very similar to my NMM gold mixture too.

Heres an example without as much layering as it was just a test piece


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