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Zoraida and Rising Powers--new minion ideas?


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So obviously the new gremlins can be hired by her, along with the malifaux rat and raptors. I also noticed the Silent ones could be taken. I might be missing some.

Now the question is, are any of these good ideas? Especially at one more SS cost?

The slop hauler seems like an interesting trick, along with bewitch. Masters especially would have to burn soulstones to keep from getting hit. Also, Remi seems like a good choice because Nino being obeyed by perdita is already a good option.

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One minion I'm interested in trying is the Gunsmith. You lose the ability to take wicked dolls or the Gremlin Kin but he should make for a pretty capable shooter. Stone for stone I think the convict gunslinger still does more damage, but you can only take 1 of him, the gunsmith is tougher and he'd prove more useful against certain targets with his special ammo. It's also ridiciulously easy to activate The Hard Way (? - the one that gives :+fate flips if he's wounded) - just obey him and activate smoldering heart when the gunsmith makes his resist flip. ;)

I've yet to see any real use for the silent one, malifaux raptor, rats or guild hounds. The silent one has some potential combos with frozen heart, etc but I'm not sure it's worth the points. The other three just don't seem to do enough for your SS cost.

The new gremlins look like fun though. Rami in particular looks like a great option for a sniper, and don't forget that you can take Ophelia as a henchman. ;) I'm not sure that a slop hauler is worth it though. It's the sort of minion that works well with lots of gremlins, but Zoraida is likely to have 2-3 max in her crew. Honestly I think there's better things to spend your soulstones on.

There's so many combos for the desperate merc that Wyrd might as well have just called him the Sacrificial Slave. ;) He's a cheap source of Blood counters and a nurse can pump him up into a one-shot cruise missle. If all else fails, Zoraida could always just obey him until he dies.

I haven't thought much about the freikorps. The Librarian doesn't look too useful for the investment (Candy is probably better) and the Trapper might be nice but I'd need to compare him to Rami to really get an idea of whether he's worth it. I've given no thought at all to the standard freikorps grunt although the specialist could be good for clearing hordes and preventing your opponent from bunching his minions together (good for when you want to obey-charge one into another!). He'd compete with the gunsmith, convict 'slinger and Raphael/Francois for a slot in Zoraida's crew though. Also, anyone who takes a Freikorps Specialist against Zoraida is going to regret it. ;)

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I have been playing with the new gremlins and im just seeing Remi and a dopple ganger doneing all sorts of long ranged nasty ness... ohhh and you dont need a slophaller you just need candy....( i think shes just a healering flip and not just to neverborn.) Picking up the Mrs Z box sat and will have a play about with her and see.

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