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Colette's Empty Hand


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Hey all, long time no.... well anything really. Moving interstate does that to a body unfortunately.

ANYWAY. This weekend I'm picking up some new Crews, namely Ophelia (Hi my name is Borzag and I have a Goblin problem) and Colette, because I like bandwagons. That and the models are pretty swish :)

Now the one thing that struck me about Big C is that she's the only Arcanist master not setting fire to something, or otherwise holding something. Instead she's got her hand in the air, forever left hanging from LCB's absent high-five.

So I wanted to fix that :)

Sofar I have two ideas for what to add there:

1 - Doves. Standard non-Soulstoney magicians can make doves appear from their hats, I figure Colette can make the mecha versions appear from her open palm with no dramas.

2 - Fire. Cliche` Arcanist but there you go. Plus it'd give me a chance to mess up her paintjob... er, do OSL.

Anyone have any thoughts, other suggestions, or at least a source of small doves?


Borzag (also, fellow Mailpeeps in Sydney. I'd like some of those too :) )

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I think he's showing off the rest of her crew, using her hand to kind of motion to them as the curtain raises, or something

I see what you mean; on the right display base that'd definitely work. Personally I get a pretty strong "Nothing up my sleeve" vibe from the pose though, hence wanting to jazz the model up a bit with a trick popping from said sleeve.

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..Or it could be she has just finished a trick - '..ta da!..'

Anyway, what about a top hat (for said dove) or a cane?


Ooh, I like the idea of the cane :D a (small) bit of metal rod, or even a sewing pin..... that'd look good :)

Top hat, not so much..... she's wearing a hat already, and I figured Seamus to be the hat fetishist Mal-side :P

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Balls'd up the quote
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