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Well, after my bf (Daniele) started this game, i know it wouldn't take me a long time to start it too (there are just too cool minis too let them stay in the box/blister :thumb:)

I'm playing tabletop (most time warhammer) for around 5 years, with some skirmish games as intermezzo, and during all those years i never got an full-painted army. Too much minis and no time and/or motivation. So i like the Malifaux System,where you can already play with such a small amount of minis ^^

And so i decided to take the Marcus box for the beginning which will probably be just the first of many others...

As my first victim, errm, mini i chose the Cerberos Sabertooth.

Most of the actual result was done in ~3 hours (yesterday 2 hours while having some kind of headache, that would explain some strange looking points on the mini...)

For pictures can speak for themselves, i just present some WIP photos; comments and questions are welcome!







Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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