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Yo, from Tacoma. Newer player.


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My brother got me into Malifaux, and his friend got him into it.

We get together Thursdays at a local game shop and play, and its awesome. I've only picked up a Seamus set, with the addition of Bete and his totem, and absolutely love it. I've also used other models that have been released, but I think my current lineup will be sticking, until Molly and her Totem actually come out and I can give her a try. I'm also going to be picking up the complete Dreamer / Lord Chomp Bits set and using that as well.

I was completely lost to this game as I was used to set up scenarios such as Warhammer 40k and the like. I scanned the first book page for page, though I have yet to really delve into Rising Powers currently.

It seems like introducing a Card-based system in the miniatures game world would be very, very difficult, and I'm wondering how the conception process went, but I must say, kudos, you've perfected it.

The masters are all relatively balanced and nothing seems quite out of place or overpowered without a balance.

My utmost favorite part of this game is the Schemes and strategies. It makes every single game different and awesome, I love it. Always add more and more, please.

I'm hooked, and I'm certain I'll be hooked for a long time. I'm going to try and bolster the number of people that attend our Thursday meetings by at least double, this I can promise.

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Yep, you nailed our philosophy pretty well. Fun models, and fun games (schemes/strategies), make fun games when combined with a relatively simple system. I think you'll see us focus on providing more fun models and encounter possibilities much more often than bloating out the core rules. Enjoy! and welcome to the forums as well, great to have you here.

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I've gotten my girlfriend into the game and we've come up with a few custom strategies that I've been sharing with the forum community.

I've written up a Seamus tactica, and people seem to like it pretty well.

My next goal is to get all of my girl's friends to play, so expect a ton of new Sonnia and Lady J players to be incoming this upcoming week.


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