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SEP. NBR -Tournament Narrative [1/3]-

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This tournament was run as a showcase of all that Book II has to offer. Thusly, many proxies were played by most of the participants. I played with my Pandora crew whilst my opponent had The Dreamer and a slew of Alps. Here is the first game, played with 35ss. (The ending between turns is broken up by three tildes.)

Zoraida had instructed her to deliver the note. That is what fate had demanded. As such, the woman walked across the cracked cobblestones of the unkempt streets of one of Malifaux city’s outer regions, cradling both box and parcel. What that parcel contained, she did not know; she just knew that she was to deliver it to the Earthside child. To accompany her on this mission were her children, if one could refer to them in such a manner: the able-bodied infant known as Kade and his elder sister, Candy, who has an undying love for her sweets and bitters.

The trio walked until they spied the human. He was a small boy, blond, and he seemed to have nothing with him save for his blanket and the nightgown which he wore. Even so, he bounced into the air as though the ground was made of springs to propel him.

Pandora opened her box.

From the vantage of one of his many bounds he spotted glow of what appeared to be luminous people emerging from a diminutive container. “Oh, cool!” the child exclaimed. “You have friends too!”


“The Dreamer,” as they called him, sent himself aloft towards his new playmates, soaring on the wings of his own imagination. “Let’s play ‘Monster’!” he dictated as he descended. Before he even hit the ground, a great many horrendous wonders materialized around the boy. The worst of these beings to appear was one that Pandora had been familiar with prior. Nytmare was his name.

Almost as quickly as the dreams had appeared, one of Pandora’s sorrows whisked the parcel from her hand, promptly pinning it to Nytmare’s calf with a pin. (As it were, one could never part from Zoraida’s home without later finding a number of needles stuck on their person.) Nymare reacted to this violently.

One mighty clawed arm struck the sorrow with such a force that, if the building that surrounded them had windows, they most certainly would have shuddered. With another swipe, Candy was sent flying into obscurity. The boy’s imps that surrounded them, called alps, took to the excitement with such a malevolent glee. Whenever a companion of Pandora’s would try to act, an alp would hop onto his face and suck the breath right from his lungs. The ethereal woes began to vanish almost as rapidly as they had appeared from the little box.

Urgency became incredibly pertinent to Pandora as the alps rampaged. She turned quickly back the way that they had come to retreat, only to be met by the intrusive fingertips of Coppelius’ greedy hands. Everything went black and Pandora dropped to the ground. The last thing that she would hear before losing consciousness would be the melodic gloating of a joyous young boy boasting “I win!”

So here's how the game went, thaehl and I were playing a 35ss game. The chief objective for both of us was to deliver a note to the opposing master.

Turn 1- We deployed from the corners in the terrain of 'ruins'.

I sent out Pandora, Candy, Kade, the Doppelgänger, the Poltergeist, and three sorrows.

Thaehl sent forth The Dreamer. Buried was Coppelius and as many Alps as he could manage.

Turn 2- Thaehl got initiative and landed the dreamer directly in front of my cluster of models and released his around all of mine, Bits popping up Between Candy and Pandora.

Bits bites Pandora, giving her two wounds and poison 2. He then begins an onslought: He hits Pandora for four (two of those wounds passed to a sorrow,) then gets the trigger to attack again for free. He violently lashes out against Candy with the same trigger, using 2 action points to kill her and the sorrow that she had been passing damage off to.

It is my turn, and I choose to activate a sorrow, an I make sure that he passes all of his will tests to avoid being slowed. The sorrow's action ends with passing the message to Bits.

Coppelius activates and spends his activation passing off the note to Pandora and by striking her for the last two of her wounds.

For the rest of the turn, thaehl's alps fail their attacks against my models, but all of my models fail their checks against being slowed upon activation and promptly die.

The remainder of the game (four turns) involves thaehl leisurely claiming his other objectives.

(Continued in part two here.)

(Skip ahead to part three here)

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Well played well played, that is about word for word how it went, I'm still surprised Chompy got six hits off of two AP. Thanks for writing it up cant wait to see the rest!

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