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Sign in with a google account (make one if you don't have one, or want to have it seperate from your existing google account)

Click the "edit" button thats in the upper right of the box on the left.

Zoom the map into your location.

A little toolbar appears, a hand thing, a pin thing, and a line thing. Click the pin thing.

After you create your placemarker, find it on the list, click it, and edit the info. Don't edit the info in the description box at the top, that isn't for your pin.

After filling the info out for your pin, click Done up near the top of the box, where you first clicked the Edit button.

Also, Eric, someone edited the description box thing. You might want to fix that.

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not sure how to save the location of my local gaming store, my tag is obviously thaehl, my Lgs is Imperial Outpost Games, on Thunderbird Road Phoenix Arizona.

What he said (minus the thaehl part). :) Great store, great people. I've seen Malifaux being played just about every time I've been in there (and I've been in there a LOT lately).

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Added the first Pin to London.The gaming club I go to, to play Malifaux. Meets every Tuesday and we always have at least two Malifaux games going on a night.

There is only one LGS I know of in London and it is very small and there is no point going there to try and get a game. I am jealous of all the LGS you guys have in the states.

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D'oh! My apologies to whoever posted Games Plus. I didn't know I was still in edit mode, and misclicked when I was trying to scroll the map. I'll attempt to move it back to the right location, but please double check and make sure that I really got it right.

Much apologies and offers of precious Soulstones.

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