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The Dream Team--Newb painter ideas for discussion


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Hello all. I have quite a few malifaux models now (the only type of models I have) but as of yet, I have not painted of them--I've been waiting for a crew that I played often enough to paint. That's the Ortegas. I just love 'em. What I really want to talk about is my second painting project--The Dreamer and his crew. I want to paint the dreamer in blue PJs with bright designs and colors, and his blanket as well. Then, to contrast, I'd paint all of his dreams and nightmares in white and various shades of grey. I thought it'd be like my dreams, where everything is in black and white.

Now, though, I'm not sure I could pull it off. Is it a good idea? how many shades would I need? Any alternative paintjobs you guys are going to use for your Bad Dreams Crew?

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I painted up my Dreamer with light blue PJs, and then painstakingly created small dinosaurs on his PJs. :P Then, for the Dreamer who sits on the Nightmare LCB's shoulders, I chose to leave off the dinosaurs. Like they leapt off his PJs and became real monsters. :)

I've mostly seen lightish grays or dark black/blues used on LCB so far. I like the idea of all of the dreams being in grayish tones, as that should look neat together. I like color myself, so I think I'd be bored playing with my squad if there wasn't any nice colors and such. But I've seen a lot of nice 'spirit' type looking paint jobs on Nightmares or Spirits so far.

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