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Hello all


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I'm from WV, and I am strongly considering getting into Malifaux. There is a local gaming store that seems to have a pretty loyal contingent of players, so finding opponents shouldn't be too hard. I just don't know which faction to start with that would be most "noob" friendly. I'm thinking of the Resurrectionist Nicodem crew as my starter box. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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Hi WECIII, and welcome to the forums!

It's tough to recommend a good noob friendly faction.

What games, if any, do you currently play? In those games, what factions do you play, what do you like, not like, etc?

If you're looking for just a generic recommendation, the Guild is fairly straightforward and easy to play.

Otherwise, pick a group of models you enjoy and go with it!

~ SemanticDM

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Yeah, I'm looking for a generic sort of recommendation. I like the looks of Nicodem's crew, and the game that was demoed for me one player used a Resurrectionist crew, McMorning as the master. The Resurrectionists and the Guild both seem pretty interesting. Right now, I play M:TG and have mucked about with D&D, but this would be my first foray into minis gaming.

Thanks for the reply semanticdm!

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Welcome and great to hear you're looking into the game. Nicodem is fairly friendly to a new player, except due to his abilities to bring new models to life during game play, you end up needing to have a fairly big sideboard of models in addition to your starting crew. As mentioned, all the Guild are pretty quick to pick up, as is Seamus, Lilith, Rasputina and Viktoria from the other factions. Even some of the others are pretty quick to figure out. It's only really maybe Leveticus, Gremlins, Pandora which might be considered "advanced" and you could definitely still have fun with them as you learned the game. So I guess bottom line is that pick some models which you like! That'll help you get into the game the best.

It sounds like you have a great place to go play, so that'll help too, I'm sure there are people there who would be very happy to help you get up to speed with the game.

And of course, great to have you on the forums! I hope you enjoy your stay :)

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