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Speedie Gon-terror-tot


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Black Blood Shaman + Nekima + Terror Tot

Shaman can make the Tot Fast

Nekima can add a :masks to its Ca

Tot can then Sprint 3 times for a total of 30" to 45" (need 3 :masks for the latter)

Broken? No, since it takes 22 SS to make a 3 SS model move that fast once per game. Thought it was funny though so had to share :)

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That is the whole board.

Treasure Hunt would be broken, but then again that has never been an issue with Lilith anyways.

Come to think of it a Terror Tot running to the other side would be nice for getting him in your opponents deployment zone for certain scenarios. Bah...The little Terror Tot will be the least of their worries with Nekima, Black Blood Shaman, and Lilith on the table.

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That has always been true. But the ability to get several toys in a crews face and distract them while another grabs the treasure, all in turn one is nasty.

Heck I can already "Deliver a Message" on turn one with some interesting combos. So it would be easy to get a Tot to the treasure before it activates on its first activation.

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