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Tucson League Reminder & Upcoming Tourney!

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Don't forget, Malifools!

Tucson's Hat's Games is hosting another league this month to practice for the upcoming tourney - the last one before the new book breaks at GenCon. Don't forget to show up this and every Saturday night at Hat's (29th & Alvernon in Tucson, around the corner from Eegee's) for plenty of games before this event hits.

For the tournament on the 31st, you will need:

- 1 master (no more no less)

- Any number of (legally) supporting models to add up to 25/30/35 point lists

- Your fate deck

- Your book

- The updated FAQs/errata

- Measuring device

You may also want to:

- Paint your minis!

- Sculpt them in a neat way

Points will be awarded for:

- Games won

- Painting/sculpting

- Sportsmanship

- Knowledge of the game

- How much fun you are to play with

Points will be used for the store credit drawing at the end of three matches. 3 prizes of store credit will be dished out, along with a "Spoon" award for Gremlin's Luck, and a clamshell'd mini to the overall winner!

Don't forget - mark your calendars - and if you're in Tempe or elsewhere you're more than welcome to join us!!!

See you guys there,


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