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Greetings from Boston!

Seeker Jon

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Hello all!

The name's Jon, and I will hopefully soon be playing the Guild here in Boston. I had a chance to run through a simple demo game of Malifaux, really enjoyed it, and have done enough research now to be really excited about getting into this awesome game. From what I've heard, there's a nice group of players who congregate at Pandemonium in Central Square, and the store itself runs tourneys.

Any advice anyone can offer would be most appreciated. I've played minis games in the past, including skirmish style ones, but its been a LONG time.

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Hey Jon, I'm the henchman for Boston area. Let me know if you need anything. I'm still working on the group at pandy ( it's hard with the limited product there) but there is alot of players at the hobby bunker in Malden. Don't be shy if you want to come to the tourny on sat too. I've got plenty of models.



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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

AntiZombie, I don't know if you recall, but we spoke a few weeks ago at Pandemonium. You had to run quick, and some of the kids there ran me through the demo. Just got back today with the book, some painting/modeling stuff, and the Zoraida box (no Guild box, but I already ordered it and I really like the Silurids). I might stop by for the tourney if you have minis to spare. Thanks so much for the offer.

As for anyone else in the area, is there any interest in starting a Malifaux league of some kind? Or is there on I am not aware of? I'm much more of a casual gamer, and would love to be involved in something like that, especially with some kind of campaign structure (start small, earn soulstones, end up with bigger battles).

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