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Stupid Move of the Week (x2)


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I was browsing around through the Miniature Matters section, looking for inspiration on constructing some of the various counters needed for the game and I happened on this thread:


Following the sage advice of Malebolgia, I decided to pick up a couple of clear resin Fire Elementals to use for Sonnia Criid's Wall of Flame spell. I decided that I wanted a more anthropomorphic representation than the large Fire Elementals shown in Malebolgia's post, so I picked up this huge Fire Elemental on eBay:


Unfortunately, when it arrived it was far too large for a 50mm base (lucky I only bought one...!)


At the same time, I wanted a representation of Rasputina's Ice Pillars spell, so I picked up these Elysian Crystals from the defunct Rackham AT-43 range:



Of course, when they arrived, they were also far too large:


I actually don't mind having the Elysian Crystal pieces, as they make nice Ice-themed terrain anyway...

Let this be a lesson to everyone: Check the scale on stuff before you buy it! :doh:

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Ehehehe... :S

Now I can't see how it from the rear and you've probably already thought of it and it won't do, but.. The fire elemental almost looks like it'd fit on two 50mm bases together (a flame wall), a foot on each. Well dunno just an idea - even if doable it'd probably take too much effort.

Very sweet crystals though.. I'd probably also have bought em if I'd seen them :P without checking size or anything XD

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The crystals are separate from the base, but as they're designed to be at an angle they may need a basic mod sit at a usable angle on a base.

For Sonia's flame wall I've just bought some GF9 flames which I've glued to 50mm bases - will try to put a picture up tomorrow.

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I was planning on making some winter-themed terrain for the Cult of December anyway, so I'm not unhappy keeping the AT-43 bases intact. The fire elemental is the wrong shape to straddle two 50mm bases, so he's out (still an interesting model, though).

I have seen some Ice Elemental figures on eBay with a fairly wide stance that might be able to straddle two bases, but I would be taking pot luck again on scale (Stupid move x3!).

For flame bases, I think I will try to go with Malebolgia's original suggestions. For Ice Pillars, I may try to monkey around with some quartz crystals (like some of the bases shown elsewhere here on the forum). GF9 seems like a simple solution, but they're a little too abstract for me.

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They are very pink, aren't they...

Right now the plan is to give them a couple of coats of a brush-on white primer (can't use a spray because the propellant will supposedly melt them). They will also get sand on their bases which will be painted as dirt and then covered with snow scatter. The pillars themselves will receive an ice effect to match my Ice Golum and my Gamin.

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You should be able to spray them if you put a layer of pVA glue over them. That will also help give them a smoother finish as well as add to their durability. Too bad you sold the fire elemental you could have cut the arms and head off making it look like the elemental was clawing it's way up out of the ground. You can recreate that "see through" effect with fiberglass resin or other clear and some patience. Once you have shaped it. You just have to ink the resin and you will get a nice shading effect but the piece will not be opaque. That's how the fire elemental was made but probably with a plastic of course.

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