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Rough looking figures


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I was trying to work on my 'Hag's Puppets' set yesterday, and realised that some of the figures looked... well rough. I found it difficult to make out the features on the faces of all the Siluurid and the Hag, and on these figures most of the joints are not close fitting, requiring each figure to be green-stuffed. The siluurid's heads that are separate have no fitting "indentations", and need to be filed heavily to fit. With Ju Ju, there's a giant gap at the bottom of his arm joint if you line it with the top.

Is this normal? I mean, I've bought this a while ago, but maybe I got a first batch from the FLGS or maybe a bad one?

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That can happen sometimes with the earlier batches of figures, I think. If you're buying booster packs, the easiest way to check is the style of the packaging will be slightly different. That happened with my flesh construct, and as it was I managed with just a little sanding (sand the bump of the limb you're going to attach, and it'll fit on much more snugly, and also any weird flaws on the faces.)

Don't worry top much about it, though. The finished, painted product will always look good if you take your time and use reasonably good paint. Priming the models also helps to cover really minor flaws.

Also keep in mind you're painting silurids, which may look a little scaly intentionally, though I've never personally seen the models unpainted.

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