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CursedFate's Painting Thread


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G'day guys,

After having a chat with a mate he convinced me to pop all the pics of the Malifaux mini's I have done.

First of all I would like to thank all the Wryd crew not only are they completely on the ball, they are willing to listen to us and help us out. Also produce some damn awesome mini's.

Hats off to you guys.

A few of the guys around will recognise the pics from WargamerAU.com and WargamingWorld.com

I also sculpt all the cobblestone on the bases for everything.

First crew I painted up Lady Justice





The Death Marshals


Next we have Rasputina and her henchmen.



Ice Golem


The Ice Gamin


Pandora's gang of oddities



please note the Neverborn logo is sculpted into the base itself and the glow from the cracks under the stone.

Baby Kade


Candy (monotone colour scheme just for something different)


The glow from her eyes I have replicated on her sweets for the Sour ability. Plus it balances the colour a little better.

The Sorrow's


The Doppleganger


I also have Zoriada, Lilith, Saemus, McMourining and the Viktoria boxes to go through but I will be putting it onto the back burner while I get my Troolblood army done and some of my Empire for Fantasy. It is very very very hard to stay away from Malifaux. Everything is so nice to paint haha.

Hope you guys like


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